Nature-inspired Jewelry

Esty finds in nature an infinite source of inspiration. She is drawn by the textures, the colours, the diversity in both plant- and sea-life. Fascinated by the patterns in nature, she studies them in the most minute detail, observes and marvels at all the tiny elements that usually go unnoticed by most everyone.

Modelling and chiselling in silver and gold, Esty expresses her passion. A seed will be transformed into a ring, a coral leaf into a pair of earrings. But what Esty seeks is to reinterpret the movement, to breathe life into her creations, to share and transmit her sense of wonder.


A giant herbarium

In her studio, Esty surrounds herself with seeds, pods, branches and dried flowers as well as shells, sea creatures and micro-organisms of all shapes and forms. Throughout the creative process, Esty picks and chooses, as the fancy takes her, from the vast pallet that nature has to offer handcrafting pieces according to her whim.

Beyond inspiration, Esty has developed a deep respect for nature, regularly participating in environmental actions concerned with marine-life conservation and ocean protection.